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The 9 Old Money Spring Essentials Every Man Should Own

You can also watch the video form of this blogpost, to learn what old money items you should wear this spring, here:

What items should you buy if you want to achieve an old money look this spring?

Old money is all in right now, and wearing this aesthetic properly will make you extra attractive to girls. But only if you do it right. Otherwise, you will look like a clueless boy.

In this post, I am going to reveal the 9 old money spring essentials that absolutely cannot be amiss from your wardrobe. I will also let you in on the sexiest piece of old money clothing you can wear (girls love this) and I will show you where you can buy it.

Hello there! My name is Stefan and I make weekly videos in which I try to help young men improve their style in order to become more attractive and confident.

Surely not something that could get me cancelled in 2024.

It’s taken me over 10 years to learn all that I want to share with you, and my goal is to help you reach this point in only a fraction of that time.

If you want to get an initial boost in your style, I have a free gift for you, so be sure to stick around till the end of the video.

Now let’s begin. Be sure to pay attention to each tip, because for every one of those items I am going to show you how to wear them properly, which colours you should get and give you extra tips to get you looking like a star.

Item No. 1: A Linen Shirt

Every rich, stylish and attractive man owns at least a couple of these in his wardrobe. The linen shirt is honestly what you should base your whole spring wardrobe around.

Okey, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still.

It’s lightweight and breathable during warmer temperatures, it is amongst the most old money looking items you can wear and you don’t even have to worry about it creasing - it should be creased.

The first linen shirt you will buy should be white. Afterwards you should venture into earth tones such as chocolate brown, olive green or powder blue.

If all else fails, just get a white one and some chocolate. Put them together in a washing machine and… please don’t try this at home.

As for how to wear it, tuck it in if it has a round hem, or leave it untucked if it features a straight hem.

Item No. 2: A V-Neck Sweater

A sweater in spring? Am I nuts?

Let me explain.

What country pops into your head the second I say “old money”. I’d say for around 60% of you the answer would be “Italy”.

And what can be more italian that wearing a sweater around your shoulders, Italian style?

That’s exactly how I want you to wear your v-neck sweater this spring.

I’d advise going for a simple one, rather than a knitted one, as the knitted sweater might look to bulky on your shoulders.

And, as with all other items on this list, make sure it’s 100% natural. There’s nothing old money about polyester so you can recycle that one.

Item No. 3: A Polo Shirt

Here is how you wear a polo shirt the right way.

One, you have to make sure that it fits you well. The first place you should set your eyes on is the sleeve. If it gently hugs your arms, it will make you look muscular and attractive.

Otherwise, it will make you look skinny.

Going to the gym might also help.

Then, you have to get it on an earth tone. There’s nothing old money about a pink polo shirt.

You may also want to consider going for a buttonless polo as well. They are quite in right now.

Item No. 4: Light coloured trousers

Notice how I did not say chinos? Here’s why.

Sure, a well fitting pair of beige chinos is an essential that every man should have.

And that’s the problem. Every man trying to look old money will wear chinos. Go for some creased dress pants instead.

You will look more mature and sophisticated.

As for the colour? While white is definitely a great choice, I know a lot of men don’t feel comfortable wearing white pants. Thus, beige or cream could be two valid options.

Keep it light.

Item No. 5: A striped shirt

I want you to go to your closet and look at your shirts. If they look monotone - if none of them have any stripes - then this point is for you.

A striped shirt will give you that nautical, yacht look that is very desirable to the opposite sex.

Furthermore, it will look great with your new light coloured pants.

You’ll have plenty of colour options, but one can never go wrong with blue striped on a white background.

It’s a classic.

Plus, the striped shirt can be worn all around. It’s also on my “9 old money fall essentials” list. Some of the items there are great all year round.

Item No. 6: A cricket sweater

There’s a common myth out there, that a quarter zip sweater is the king of all old money sweaters.


Nothing screams old money like a cricket sweater.

Is it too cold for a polo or a linen shirt? A cricket sweater is your friend.

Not only does it look fantastic and will make you look very elegant in a not-so-formal type of way, but the cricket sweater is also a massive status symbol. Originally worn by cricket players, as well as the upper class in the UK, this garment will surely create an amazing first impression wherever you go.

But you probably already know that, as I assume that people who watch my videos are fans of Downton Abbey.

What? You haven’t seen it? Pause this video, go watch all 6 seasons and then come back to resume it.

Item No. 7: Leather or Suede Loafers

That’s enough for clothes. Now let’s talk about shoes and accessories.

When going for loafers, there are two main questions you should be asking yourself.

One, do you want them out of leather or suede?

If this is your first pair, I would recommend you to go for leather. If you already have a pair of loafers, maybe try suede. You may like it.

There are 3 main types of loafers that you should be aware of.

The penny loafer, the tassel loafer and the hazel loafer. Whichever one you want to choose is entirely up to you.

I think one of the best loafers out there is the brown suede tassel loafer, but that’s just my two cents.

Item No. 8: A diver watch

Here is a secret all rich men know. You can’t look wealthy without a nice watch.

It’s all in the wrist. …I did not mean it like that.

But even no watch is better than a cheap watch. Gentlemen, you should never spend less than 200 euros on a watch, as there is simply no way it’s qualitative.

A diver watch is perfect for the old money look, as it can be both dressed up, and down.

For a starter price range, I’d recommend the brand Tissot. They are my personal favorites and their watches not only look good, but are made in switzerland.

Item No. 9: A nice pair of shades

There are only three acceptable types of sunglasses for men who want to look good: The aviators, the clubmasters and the wayfarers.

Anything else will make you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. And please don’t ever go for a pair of weird ultra modern sunglasses or for a pair of sports glasses.

Those ones are exclusively reserved for middle aged american dads who drive trucks in Texas.

Gentlemen, there is one last item I would like to mention to tie everything together nicely.

And that’s a signature scent. This is the sexiest thing a man can wear.

Truth is, women can sniff you out like a border patrol dog. And believe me, this is a check you want to pass.

If you want to smell good this summer, how about trying something new? My personal fragrance is “Tuscan Leather” by Tom Ford, though I feel like “Neroli Portofino” is a better choice for the warmer seasons.

Now, if you want a huge boost over your competition, I’ve got a FREE guide you can download today. Did I say it was free? It’s called “27 easy ways to look better than your classmates or coworkers” and trust me, the results you are going to experience are noticeable at best.

You can download it for free on my website.

Now you know how to turn heads this spring and which items you should get to be the most stylish old money man around.

Next up, you should read this blogpost, about the 6 must have old money sweaters. It’s right here!


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