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The 9 Old Money Autumn Essentials All Men Should Own

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Gentlemen, fall is here and it is time I asked you a very important question.

Do you want to spend autumn dressed like all other guys out there, in jeans, sweatsuits and bomber jackets, or do you want to look seductive and sophisticated?

Truth is, we both know that girls find the old money aesthetic attractive, and having a unique style will definitely give you an unfair advantage in life.

If you are ready to take it, it’s time I told you which items should absolutely NOT miss from your closet, if you want to build an old money autumn wardrobe.


The 9 Old Money Autumn Essentials

The old money style is defined as “quiet luxury”, focusing on clothing made out of natural fabrics, rather than synthetics, earth tones rather than fleshy colors and timeless designs rather than fleeting trends.

There is so much to talk about, but these topics will have to be left for another day, as, before talking about colors and fabrics, it’s worth taking a look at the essential clothing items that should under no circumstance be amiss from your old money fall wardrobe.

Number 1: Cable Knit Sweaters

In my opinion this is the first item you should get - by far the most important one.

Nothing screams Old Money like sweaters, and a cable knit one is an absolute must. I would recommend you getting one in a lighter color such as cream, as it will be very easy to integrate into most Old Money outfits.

So, where should you buy one? I’d whole heartedly say Ralph Lauren. I know some might find it expensive, but if there’s one clothing item you definitely should get from them, it’s a sweater.

Just make sure it’s store bought and not knit by your great aunt Tessie and given as a gift last Christmas.

Number 2: A Striped Shirt

Since you probably already own a few poplin simple white shirts, I’d like you to mix it up a little with a striped shirt. I’d say go for a white one with brown stripes, as it would look great during the autumn.

Depending on your usual style, you could either go for a poplin one, or, if you usually dress less formal, you can try an oxford shirt.

Keep in mind that Oxford shirts usually feature button down collars.

Number 3: A Herringbone Sportscoat

You may be familiar with an aesthetic called “Dark Academia”, which is very much related to the preppy style. And after all, that is where Old Money originates - it is a modern take on the preppy style.

Perfect for cloudy and rainy days, a herringbone sportscoat, preferably on either grey or brown will surely make you look like a distinguished gentleman.

It can be worn with either of the two items that came before on this list.

Number 4: Oxford Shoes

The oxford shoes are as timeless as timeless can be. More formal than their open laced counterparts, you can find them in plenty of colors, though I’d suggest choosing between black or brown.

And no, broguing is not acceptable. Oxfords not brogues. Another alternative could be the Chelsea boot, which, although not necessarily officially an old money item, offers exactly what this style promises: quiet luxury.

Number 5: Front Crease Trousers

Mind you, you can also use suit trousers as separates. Yes, you can use suit separates on their own - don’t listen to anyone telling you otherwise.

Now, of course, you have plenty of options when it comes to trouser fabrics, though I’d say wool is a safe bet. If you want something more sophisticated, however, don’t hesitate to experiment with tweed.

As for the color, I would recommend either grey, dark grey, brown or cream.

Number 6: A Grey Flannel Suit

The quintessential autumn suit, every man should have one in their wardrobe. There will definitely be occasions in which you will have to dress up. That much I can promise you.

So, when those occasions come, why go in a standard black suit, your average navy one or one in summery pastel colors. You can never go wrong with a grey flannel suit for autumn.

I’d personally always choose peak, wide lapels and either a three piece or a double breasted suit.

Number 7: A Navy Blazer

Even better, get a double breasted navy blazer with golden buttons. Just imagine how cool it would look on you.

You can combine it with a pair of cream, white or grey trousers and you’d get an outfit worthy of turning all the heads around.

Not only will this make you look old money, but it will also make you look more attractive and girls will start competing for your attention faster than you can say “Aye, aye, captain!”

Number 8: A Quarter Zip Sweater

Do you know what I love about quarter zip sweaters? You can dress them up and down.

Truthfully, there are many outfits that could be improved with the addition of such a garment.

Why? Simply because you can wear whatever you want underneath: A shirt and tie? No problem! A t-shirt? Good! Nothing at all? Just keep it zipped up, I guess…

Number 9: A Pair of Leather Gloves

No fall Old Money outfit is complete without a pair of leather gloves, either on brown or black. While summer Old Money outfits benefited from the driving gloves, such an item was not created for use in colder temperatures.

Therefore, gloves are the perfect way of keeping your hands warm, all the while looking stylish and dapper.


And that brings us to the end of our discussion on the nine old money items that stylish men should have this fall.

Gentlemen, if you've found this post enlightening and it has provided you with valuable insights into the world of men's fashion, consider subscribing for our weekly tips on enhancing your style and becoming the man everyone notices for all the right reasons.

Remember, your attire is a powerful tool for making a lasting impression. Choose wisely, and let your confidence shine through in every step you take.


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