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How Many Suits Should I Own? [Complete No BS Guide]

You can also watch the video form of this blogpost, to learn how many suits you should own and what suits you should buy, here:

I get asked this question all the time.

“Stefan, how many suits should I have?”

Well gentlemen, in today’s video I am going to not only give you the definitive answer as to how many suits you should own, tailored for your personality and lifestyle...

...but I will also tell you exactly which suits you should buy, to give you the best bang for your buck.

First of all, before we begin, you must understand that in order to determine what the right amount of suits for you is, we have to find out in which one of the following 4 categories you belong.

This will determine your needs, based on your lifestyle, past experiences and preferences.


Category number 1: The Beginner

Now, in case you are 13 or have lived in the woods for most of your life, you probably own a suit already.

However, if you don’t, before you build an entire collection, you must start somewhere.

Every man needs a suit.

And, before we start, let me address the most common misconception out there.

This, is a mistake I see so many men making and I want to reveal it for you now, so that you know to stay well clear of it.

"Your first suit should never, under no circumstance, be a black one." -Everyone with common sense

No matter how much Steve Harvey promotes it, a black suit simply is not very versatile.

Such a garment should not be worn on a day-to-day basis, but rather only for funerals and for protecting the president.

Even at black tie events, you should don a tuxedo, rather than a black suit.

And guess what? At funerals, it is perfectly acceptable to wear a dark grey suit, so in all honesty, you will never require to wear a black suit.

They are extremely overrated, and any stylish gentleman will scoff when they will see you wearing one.

Why? Simply because they are the number 1 choice of style novices and no stylish man would actually wear one.

So what color should your first suit be?

Well, the one thing I can tell you is that it should be in a darker color.

You see, lighter color suits are perfect for summery days and daytime activities, but if you only have one suit, you will probably have to wear it to night time events, business meetings or night time weddings, event which usually require darker coloured suits.

I would personally recommend going for a notch lapel suit with medium width lapels, double vented and in either dark grey, medium grey or navy blue.

To be more specific, I think your first suit should be in dark grey.

Why? It’s perfect for all occasions: parties, business meetings and funerals, and it stands out in a crowd of navy suits.

Category number 2: The casual wearer

Now, this is the minimum amount of suits any (and I mean ANY) self-respecting man should have.

If you do not like wearing a suit, your job does not require you to do so, and you only put one on for special events, three is your number.

These three should be in the following order:

  1. A dark coloured suit in either dark grey, navy, medium grey or brown.

  2. A light coloured suit in cream, tan, light grey or light blue for your hot, summer days and day-time meetings

  3. A dinner jacket or tuxedo. This should be reserved for black tie events and only be worn on the most special of occasions.

The characteristics from the previous point still apply, but you could go for peak lapels if you so desire.

As for the fabrics, I’d recommend you go for 100% worsted wool on all three, as it is the most common suit fabric.

Some of you might be wondering what the difference between peak and notch lapel is?

Well, to put it simply, there are three types of lapels that men commonly wear: the notch lapel, the peak lapel and the shawl lapel.

  • Notch lapels are the most casual and can be found on I’d say about 80% of the suits you see. They are heavily popularised and, while generally acceptable to wear, they might also signify that you are a man who does not really care all that much for traditional menswear or suits.

  • Peak lapels, on the other hand, feature a pointy lapel and are often found on tuxedos and double breasted jackets. This is not a rule however, as many “normal” suits also feature peak lapels. Famous characters such as Harvey Specter almost exclusively wear such garments. They are more elegant and imposing than the notch ones.

  • Finally, shawl lapels feature a piece of fabric with smooth, round edges and are usually reserved exclusively for tuxedos.

I’d still generally recommend going for notch lapels at this stage, as they will not make you stand out as much

Category number 3: The business man

This category is for the man who has to wear a suit each day at their workplace.

Considering the hundreds of different outfits that you can build by switching up the shoes, leathers, accessories and even shirt colors, I’d say it’s safe to assume that 7 suits will suffice.

So, what suits should you buy?

Well, I think you can get a general idea by this point, but I’d like to give you my own, personal shopping guide if I were in your place.

  1. First off, I’d get a dark grey suit with peak lapels, that I can wear to my most important business meetings and when I want to turn all the heads on the street and at my workplace.

  2. Second, I’d get a navy three piece suit with peak lapels, that I can wear whenever I’m not wearing my dark grey suit. The navy suit is the most versatile and the most common choice for many.

  3. The third suit I would get is a business suit on a unique color, that not many men wear. That color is brown. It looks elegant and sophisticated, yet different from what every other man wears. Peak or notch lapels work.

  4. Next up, I’d recommend you get a double breasted suit in either grey or navy with white pinstripes or on emerald green. This one is for when you want to switch it up a little from the day-to-day monotony.

  5. Your fifth suit should be one made out of a thinner fabric, that you can wear during the summer. Linen is perfect for the occasion. As for the color, go for cream or pastel.

  6. Your sixth suit should be a tuxedo. Every man needs one.

  7. Your seventh and last suit should be one of the first five on this list. Simply choose your favorite or the one you wear the most, and get a similar one, but change something about it. Maybe the fabric, the color or the pattern.

Category number 4: The dandy

A dandy is a person who dresses well, not because they have to, but rather because they enjoy the sartorial experience.

Such men enjoy the more refined pleasures of life, such as wearing timeless classic menswear outfits, driving vintage cars or engaging in upper class past time activities such as playing polo.

Such a person, who dresses well because they enjoy the art, can have anywhere from 10 to an unlimited amount of suits.

The sky is the limit.

At this point, you are free to experiment with different fabrics and colors, patterns and designs and create a wardrobe that would wow even James Bond.


And that brings us of this week's blogpost.

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Remember, your attire is a powerful tool for making a lasting impression. Choose wisely, and let your confidence shine through in every step you take.


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