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Casual, Business Casual

Updated: Jul 27, 2023


Your style is Casual, Business Casual.

Balancing style and professionalism, you embody the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

As a Business Casual Enthusiast, you're always ready to seize the day. Whether you're attending meetings in a modern office space or having a brainstorming session at a cozy café, your attire commands respect while keeping you comfortable and confident. You effortlessly strike the perfect balance between casual comfort and professional poise, akin to a Jaguar.

In your wardrobe, you have an assortment of well-fitted chinos and tailored trousers, paired effortlessly with smart-casual button-down shirts. You know how to choose the right colors and patterns that exude a polished look without being overly formal. Embracing a more relaxed approach, you've bid farewell to ties and formal jackets, and instead, opt for a tailored blazer that adds a touch of refinement to your ensemble.

In the mornings, you enjoy a brisk walk or cycle to kickstart your day, dressed in your stylish yet laid-back business casual attire. At lunchtime, you relish exploring diverse cuisines at trendy eateries, networking with colleagues and clients in a relaxed environment. And after a productive day, you unwind with colleagues over a glass of wine or craft beer, celebrating your successes and forging strong connections.

"Looking good isn't self-importance; it's self-respect."—Charles Hix


5 Rules Every Business Casual Dresser Should Know

1. Wear The Right Sneakers

Contrary to what some might believe, I am not against wearing sneakers all together. I think they could elevate the look of certain outfits if worn properly.

What do I mean by that?

Well, let me put it this way. If you're wearing the latest pair of Yeezys or one of those sneakers that have a huge rubber sole and come in flashy neon colors, you are doing fashion wrong.

Instead try to go for one of the only two somewhat fashionable types of sneaker: the leather sneaker or the white sneaker. Or, here's a crazy thought, combine them and get a white leather sneaker. Now who would've thought of that?

2. Socks Or No Socks? The Tricky Question

The story goes like this:

  • If you are wearing loafers: You can wear socks if you want. It's optional. Loafers can be worn both ways. HOWEVER, never wear loafers sockless with a suit. I would personally advise against wearing loafers with suits altogether.

  • If you are wearing dress shoes: Never, Ever, Ever wear them sockless. Ever.

3. Tuck In Your Shirt

I see a lot of men make this mistake. There are two types of shirts:

  • Those that have a flat bottom line: Under no circumstances should they ever be untucked

  • Those with curvy bottom lines: They can technically be worn untucked. However, I would not recommend it. It looks childish.

For a more mature look, don't forget to tuck that shirt in.

4. Always Align Your Front

Three things must always be aligned in order for your outfit to look presentable. You placket, your belt frame and your pants' fly piece. If any of the three is misaligned, your whole outfit will look out of place.

5. Roll Up Your Sleeves

Picture this: You're out and about wearing a shirt and no jacket. There is one simple way of adding a few extra points to your outfit, and that is by rolling your sleeves up all the way just below the elbow. Women love to see a strong arm, so if you've got it flaunt it.

Also, if you do this, make sure to also unbutton two shirt buttons (or three if you're in Italy or by the seaside) and tuck in your shirt.


5 Items Every Business Casual Dresser Should Own

These are the 5 items we at the Gentlemen's Order recommend every Business Casual Dresser to possess in order to elevate their outfits and style:

1. A Pair Of Tan (Beige) Pants

They work well with all kinds of shirt and jackets. For example: Picture a pair of tan pants, a white shirt and a navy blazer.

2. A Leather Briefcase

On your way to work or simply going to the park to read a good book in natural sunlight? Don't wear a satchel like too many men nowadays, get a leather briefcase instead. It's manly and very functional

3. A Knitted Sweater

A knitted Sweater can greatly compliment your outfit and it can be worn above the shirt but behind the jacket. Best colors to choose from are navy, cream, tan, green and burgundy.

4. A Dress Watch

It is a common misconception that diver watches shouldn't be paired up with suits. This is wrong. But even though they can be worn underneath a suit jacket, dress watches are still preferable.

5. A Colored Blazer

By "A" I mean as many as you can possibly get, and by "colored" I mean any color from navy to light blue, from tan to cream and from green to burgundy.


5 Great Outfits Every Business Casual Dresser Should Try Out - Inspiration

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