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10 simple tricks that will 10x your attractiveness

You can also watch the video form of this blogpost, to learn how many suits you should own and what suits you should buy, here:

Let me share a secret with you. Becoming part of the 10% of men in terms of looks is extremely easy nowadays. And that’s because the majority of guys are not even trying.

By the end of this blog post you will know how to boost your attractiveness with 10 simple tricks you can start implementing today with minimal effort.

Trick number 1: The worst style tip you’ve been fed

I was recently driving through my city one day, when I stopped at a red light and something caught my attention. In the sea of jeans, hoodies and sweatpants, this guy stood out. What was so special about him?

Well, he was a regular height, didn’t have an amazing posture, and his face looked average.

Yet, he stood out in the crowd because of his clothes.

At first I thought to myself: “This is a man who takes care of himself.” He was wearing a double breasted navy suit, a white dress shirt and was carrying a brown leather briefcase in his hand.

Then, I noticed his shoes. White basketball sneakers.

Now, I don’t know what would possess anyone to wear basketball sneakers with a suit, but it is a fairly popular piece of advice on the internet.

Sneakers are some of the most casual shoes you can own, whereas a suit is probably the most formal attire you will ever wear.

So, if you want to look like a respectable, masculine gentleman, avoid wearing a suit with sneakers. If you want to look like an e-boy wearing his first suit, be my guest.

Trick number 2: You are wearing socks wrong

Answer this quick question for me: Should the socks match the pants or the shoes? If you answered the shoes, boy, am I glad you’re here.

There are many style rules you should be aware of, but one of the most important ones is that the socks should always match the color of your pants. They should offer a smooth transition into your shoes.

This will not only make you look taller, but will also make your outfit look much more polished.

Trick number 3: Save it for the gym

Speaking of socks, wearing white gym socks when you are not working out is a big no.

You simply don’t want to look like the guy who has an important business meeting at 5 and a game of tennis at 6.

And if you are wearing white pants, opting for white dress socks is definitely an option, but I would rather go for a pastel or a neutral color that compliments the rest of your outfit.

Trick number 4: Look rich without being rich

Two guys walk into a bar. One of them wears a suit, the other one wears a polo and some chinos.

At first glance, your instinct might be to think that the one wearing a suit is wealthier.

Now let’s say you see his wrists and he is not wearing a watch. Your opinion is probably going to shift subconsciously.

If you are a grown man, you should never leave the house without wearing a sophisticated watch. And by sophisticated, I do not mean a smart watch.

There are really one two times it’s alright to wear a smart watch: at the gym or when you’re 12.

Trick number 5: Get Smart With One Tweak

I was recently approached by one of my followers on Instagram and they asked me how they could improve a casual outfit consisting of a t-shirt and some jeans.

In my recent blog post about “How to build the perfect capsule wardrobe in 3 easy steps”, I have mentioned the 4 categories of clothes: shoes, pants, inner layer and outer layer.

Gentlemen, if you want to take a boring casual outfit and turn it into a sexy smart casual one, all you need to do is upgrade two of the four items you are wearing.

Simply replace jeans with chinos, regular sneakers with leather sneakers, t-shirts with solid colored (preferably black) t-shirts or even with polos and the bomber jacket with a leather jacket.

Trick number 6: It’s ok for clowns, not for you to do

I want you to think of a christmas tree from the 1940s. Really picture it. It’s much different than a modern one, isn’t it?

Well, that’s not because of the tree itself, obviously. Rather, it’s because in the past, people tended to over-adorn it with every single bulb and ornament they could find, regardless of color.

Nowadays, however, Christmas trees feature much sleeker, more sophisticated decorations. They are usually decorated in only one or two colours.

If you want to look good, professional and masculine, always stick to 2-3 colors per outfit.

Otherwise, do as the clowns do.

Trick number 7: The cardinal rule of style

I will be quite quick with this one, as it’s one practically everyone should know.

Never, for any reason whatsoever, ever mix your leathers.

Or your metals… but that’s a post for another time.

Choose one of the following: black, dark brown, light brown, navy or red and be consistent with it throughout your entire outfit.

That means the shoes, the belt, the watch strap, your bags and so on.

Trick number 8: Add a jacket to become more attractive?

Next time you go out wearing just your t-shirt, how about you add a leather jacket, a sports coat or a blazer?

Studies have shown that adding extra layers to your outfit will add depth and versatility to your outfit, therefore making you more stylish.

According to another 2011 study, 78% of women say that dressing well is the hottest thing that a man can do.

Combine the two, and you can see why layering is so powerful.

Trick number 9: Don’t look like a slob

Picture this: You are on your way to a job interview, wearing your finest suit, leather shoes, a nice belt and a white dress shirt.

You should feel confident and strong, but for whatever reason, something feels off.

You look down, and you notice it just in time, before the interview starts.

The placket of your shirt, the zipper of your pants and your belt buckle are not aligned.

Gentlemen, this is such a simple fix, yet at the same time, something that can completely destroy your image if not remedied.

Trick number 10: Tuck it in

For some reason, the younger generation consistently has this problem.

They always ask me “Should I tuck my shirt in”.

Yes, if you want to look like a professional, attractive man, definitely yes.

Look, there are two types of shirt hems. Wavy and Straight.

Straight hems were designed to be worn untucked, fair enough.

But the majority of shirt have a wavy hem and wearing them untucked looks extremely immature.

And one more thing, if you really want to look and feel amazing, there are simply some items that you shouldn’t wear.

You might find some of them controversial, but I recommend you to read this blog post next, about the 9 items stylish men should never wear.



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