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"Just wanted to say that you have really inspired and changed me. From your tips about being a gentleman to your classy debonair grooming tips. I'm glad that I can dress even better because of you.
Thank you so much and I'm glad that you are keeping the old school gentleman thought and influencing it on teenagers like me.
Really glad and wish you the best!"
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“As someone who has not been taught about how to dress well by anyone, it has always been a struggle to pick the right clothes to purchase or what colors go with each other.
I finally decided that I need help and luckily I came across this page on Insta reels and I am grateful. I reached out to Stefan on chat and he agreed to guide me and provided me with so much information I wish I knew long ago.
I am going to put everything he suggested to use and will provide another update in a few months.
A big thank you to Stefan for being kind and ready to help someone who really needed it."
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“I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your invaluable assistance in helping me dress well.
Your guidance and expertise have truly transformed my wardrobe and boosted my confidence in ways I never thought possible.”
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We have all experienced that moment in which we simply freeze, dumbfounded, in front of our wardrobes, not knowing what to wear next; or perhaps that moment when we are out shopping and find this amazing piece of clothing that we simply adore, but our first thought is: "What could I even wear this with?"

Well boy, are you in luck! While our guides will help you avoid embarrassing fashion mistakes, embrace traditional rules, and learn interesting factoids, most of them will also include numerous outfits that can be created with each particular fashion piece, meant to inspire you to find your style and dress better.



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To See What Style Would Fit You The Best

You deserve to unlock your full potential and stop dressing like the 99%

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